About MmetlaKhola

MmetlaKhola was born on 9 October 2010 in Midrand in the Gauteng Province. It was formed by a group of professionals with the objective of mobilising resources together (human and financial) in order to enable independent and meaningful participation of Members in the formal financial services sector, and in all economic activities in general, for the betterment of their lives.  MmetlaKhola was democratically adopted as the name of the Co-operative.  The name has been derived  from a Basotho idiom Mmetla khola o e lebisa ho wa habo“.  Translated into English, the idiom means “Charity begins at home”.  MmetlaKhola boasts a membership of more than 300 active Members.    

A leading Co-operative Bank in South Africa
Mission Statement
Our primary business is to provide our Members with modern financial services and products required for successful participation in today’s economy. We help Members to participate fully and independently in all economic activities across all sectors of the economy.
We undertake to:
  • provide financial services and products to Members at a mutually beneficial cost structure that encourages growth and development of both Members and the Co-operative.
  • care for Members’ needs with professionalism, efficiency, integrity and interest.
  • provide the communities in which we operate access to innovative, relevant and integrated financial services and products.
  • maintain long-term financial stability to ensure security of Member deposits.
  • prioritise Members and help them create value and realise their financial ambitions by providing individual financial solutions that are relevant, innovative, and reliable.
  • encourage savings, thrift and wise use of credit.
  • increase the knowledge and ability of our Members to manage and control their financial well-being.
  • provide sound financial management in order to maintain earnings for continued growth of the Co-operative.
  • provide our employees with a challenging and rewarding career. 
  • promote the ideals and philosophy of Co-operatives.
  • To save together as members of the Co-operative
  • To register as a Co-operative Bank by December 2022
  • To provide financial services to members
  • To generate wealth for the members
  • To take advantage of opportunities that may become available
  • To play a meaningful role in the formal financial services sector
  • To generate employment for members
  •  To enable Members to participate in economic activities across all sectors of the economy  
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